The Master Coat™ Powder Coating Machine System

  • Assembly HeadThe Master Coat™ Powder Coating Machines have been built by Aztec Nordic Ltd since 1995. The Master Coat™  machines are each capable of assembling screws and washers and powder coating them in a continuous process at speeds up to or even exceeding 700 parts per minute.

    The heart of the Master Coat™ machine is the screw and washer assembling unit. The capacity of the entire machine relies on the smooth operation of the assembling process and experience has shown that our assembling unit is very long lasting and flexible, enabling the machine to assemble various combinations of screw and washer and being very easy to adjust for smooth operation.

    The machine is controlled from an operators panel consisting of a touch panel and only a few physical buttons. The graphical user interface is very easy to learn and normally an operator is able to run the machine after a training period of only one or two days.

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